The case for video data

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“Vubble helped our team build a foundation for data in the newsroom. We now understand the value of structured data needed to deliver sophisticated and scalable personalized distribution across our media ecosystem, strengthening our position as Canada’s leading innovative media company in news delivery.”

– Stephanie Wilson Chapin
Sr. Director of Digital Products

  • - 15k+ videos data-tagged in the cloud via consistent taxonomy
  • - 250k+ personalized, relevant videos delivered to CTV News’ audience
  • - 2 ‘set and forget’ machine learning powered distribution tools launched

The Client

CTV News is Canada's most-watched news organization both locally and nationally, and has a network of national, international, and local news operations.

The Objectives

    Bell Media wanted to strengthen CTV News’ position as leader in digital news delivery and revenue generation by introducing data annotation, growing audience insights and personalizing distribution of videos via bots.

  • Data: Building a journalist-in-the loop data training set for use within the Bell data ecosystem
  • Personalization: Launching two AI-powered distribution products, increasing audience engagement and insights
  • Digital Transformation: Learning by doing (explainable Artificial Intelligence, no black boxes)

The Solution

Vubble’s cloud-based Recommendation Engine delivered 250,000+ personalized recommendations, based on topic, tone and persona signals, via customized distribution tools (a Facebook Messenger bot and a web-based native bot).

This work included delivery of a technical roadmap (aligning with CTV News’ technical and editorial schedule), cloud-based data-tagging by Vubble’s team of journalists, unlimited use of Vubble’s proprietary category taxonomy by CTV News’, and a customized iteration of the Vubble’s Recommendation Engine, providing cloud-based AI-aaS.

    The Results

  • Introduction of Vubble’s custom taxonomy sparked data transformation, prompting collaboration between departments and foundation-building for company-wide structured data implementation by CTV News’ in-house architecture team.
  • Annotation of 15,000+ CTV News videos, investing in evergreen high-quality videos, preparing them for AI-enabled personalization; leading to the creation of an in-house data training set to be used by CTV News for future AI-driven initiatives.
  • Launch of AI-enabled delivery bots. These set and forget distribution tools do not require editorial costs. FB messenger bot audience growth 20% monthly since launch.