Smart video, curated for kids and the classroom.

At Vubble, we believe in the power of video as an educational tool. We build dynamic feeds of custom-curated, kid-safe, smart videos. No fake news. No spam. Just great video worth watching — yours, the best from the web, or a combination of both.

The most trustworthy videos every day

Video is the dominant information medium for people under 30 today. It’s a powerful medium for delivering important, curriculm-based educational messages. But it can also be a wild west of misinformation. Vubble puts the power of the world’s knowledge in the hands of students and educators.

Help students engage

6 in 10 teenage subscribers to a YouTube channel say a YouTuber has changed their lives or how they see the world.

Video Channels

Smart feeds of dynamic, bilingual, regularly-updated content based on your curriculum needs.

Safe Content

Every video is watched and assessed by a trained human editor using our credibility meter.

Know your audience

Personalized feeds can be created to match educator interests and needs.

Tools for the Classroom

From email newsletters to website modules, chatbots to voice-activated solutions.

Who We’ve Helped

Vubble’s clients include Canada’s top media companies and educational publishers.