About Vubble

Vubble is a women-led media technology company based in Toronto and Waterloo, Canada. We curate, assess and distribute personalized solutions for the world’s best video content, via our proprietary system that melds advanced artificial intelligence technology with human curation.

Our Mission

Vubble is a team of technology innovators, digital leaders and professional curators on a mission to get the right content in front of the right audience at the right time. We want to make the web a better place for storytellers and audiences, everywhere.

Our Goals

1. Amplify the best video worth watching.
2. Use AI for what it does best, recommending personalized content.
3. Add people for what they do best, providing assessment, curation and serendipity.
4. Lift critical thinking, media and technological awareness.
5. Help build informed citizenry and democracies.

Who We Are

Vubble is a technology company based in Toronto and Waterloo, Canada. We come from public broadcasting and we come in peace.

Futurist, speaker, marketer
Co-founder & CEO
Strategic planner, writer, customer relationship builder
Co-Founder & CEO
Full stack product planner, coder, communicator
Director of Technology
Software Developer – Data
Software Developer
AI and machine learning solutions inventor, coder and tester
Director of Technology (AI)
Backend Developer and DevOps Automation
Software Developer

Advisory Board

Vubble has a lot of unfair advantages in this business, and at the top of that list is the mentors we look to every day for guidance (and sometimes a kick in the pants).

Julie Bristow
CEO, Bristow Global Media
Mona Minhas
Debra McLaughlin
CEO, Strategic Inc.
Janice Ward
Business Development
Mark Hyland
Growth Advisor, Eclat Ventures

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